BYE 2022

BYE 2022

2022我不愛的年 童依會的朋友 你們呢?
對你們來說  2022充滿了甚麼?
不安 低潮 無薪 還是痛苦 
2023或許沒更好  卻讓我們學會如何面對負面情緒跟狀況

不管如何  2023  新年快樂

 I don’t love 2022 
My friends, How about you?
What is 2022 full of for you?
disturbed.   low tide.   unpaid.   always in pain.

2023 may not be better, 
but let us learn how to face negative emotions and situations

Anyway happy new year 2023 !

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