計畫與變化 Plan & Change

計畫與變化 Plan & Change

恩 ! 我是  因為爸爸臨時手術開刀
我得放下好多事情  去陪伴與幫助爸爸復健換藥和照顧三餐
開刀讓他沮喪  腳部動刀  不能隨意走動
所以他不能大闊步走路  不能隨意出門散散步
要不斷重複復健  這真的很折磨
願大家平安   也謝謝您們體諒   我們的動作這麼慢
畢竟最重要的    要放在第一

Is anyone foolish enough to pay the price of two websites for the same product?
Yes ! I am.  

Because of my father's temporary surgery,
I have to put down a lot of things to accompany my father and help him with rehabilitation, take care of the wounds and meals.

The operation made him frustrated and he couldn't walk around
Not let the wound get infected,too.

Dad can’t walk freely, he can’t go out for a walk.
It’s really torture to keep repeating the rehabilitation.

May everyone be safe and thank you for understanding that we are so slow to update the website

After all, the most important thing should be placed first.


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