你失去判斷力了嗎? Have you lost your judgment?

你失去判斷力了嗎?      Have you lost your judgment?

當我們工作時,算著自己的時薪,發現月薪看起來很多,卻被老闆ㄠ加班、假日去支援等等,你心裡一定想著:我的價值不只如此 ! 竟被殺價成這樣!




我發現很多電商平台都有一種機制,就是原價可以隨便拉很高,售價卻故意寫1/2的價格(讓買家覺得賺到了),抬高原價,然後再用1折、2折去欺騙消費者搶購 。我其實覺得是很無聊的行銷心理學,難道我們已經失去評估該商品應該有的價值嗎?  



2021的年終  總是需要一點自己的想法 

When we were working, we calculated our hourly salary and found that the monthly salary seemed to be a lot, but the boss worked overtime, holidays to support, etc. You must be thinking in your heart: My value is more than that!

In the minds of the seller’s boss, the goods have a certain value. You think you are valuable. In fact, I also think that I am very valuable,too. I spend a lot of time to choose the goods that I think are worthwhile,then write the content of the product with good writing, and then package the product carefully and send it out.

In fact, not only commodities are sold, but also including my heart in it.

Shopee store originally had a bidding mechanism, but I don’t know why? Everyone starts bidding with a 80% discount. I have to apologize for can't to sell for you. But think about it, if today you think your salary worth NT$60,000 a month, I say you are only worth NT$20000, can you accept it?

I found that many e-commerce platforms have them, that is, the original price can be raised arbitrarily, but the price is 1/2 of the price. I actually think that it's very boring marketing psycholog.

I hope to implement environmental protection with sincerity.
I use secondary-use cartons (go to 7-11 to get the cartons that are not needed after displaying the goods), and I try to have one bag of all the goods. that is a sense of environmental protection.I carefully check and arrange goods for sale before shipment. 

I am worthy of myself, and I hope that if  you feel that you are valuable, please empathize.

At the end of 2021, I need some ideas of my own

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